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High quality printing decisions with KODAK NEXPRESS 2100+ and CANON IMAGE PRESS V1000

Today digital printing is one of the key elements in the contemporary printing industry. Companies such as Kodak with Nexpress and Canon with Image Press V1000 models offer high quality machines that meet the requirements for quick and efficient top quality digital printing. The digital printing factory 2x2 was the first in Bulgaria to invest in these technological models and today it offers high quality printing decisions as a reliable partner in advertisement and marketing printing.

Our products offer:

High quality prints 

with an option for displaying a large variety of colors and details. 

Flexibility and speed 

you receive the final product quickly and effectively.

Diversity of materials

from standard offset paper to high-quality designer papers, our machines handle various types of print jobs very well.

 Innovative technologies

Kodak and Canon continuously invest in the development of their products by offering the newest functionalities and opportunities for the improvement of the manufacturing process through unique web-to-print decisions with a specialised software.

Whether you need business cards, brochures, posters or personalised materials, we can offer excellent quality and high performance. Are you ready to accomplish your print and design project? Explore our website and portfolio to learn more about our services. Let us bring your ideas to life with the precision and reliability of our modern printing technologies.

Latest news
30.04.2024 The printing of paper 400g is now possible!

We are excited to inform our current and potential customers that printing on 400g paper is now possible!

01.12.2023 CANON imagePRESS V1000 Press

In November 2023 the Digital printing factory 2x2 installed the high-performance digital press CANON imagePRESS V1000

01.01.2022 Print embellishment with MGI JETVARNISH 3D One

As visionaries in our industry, we recently installed a print embellishment machine - the MGI JETVARNISH 3D One, adding the final touch to creating a new, more efficient printing process.